What are Pelcraft modules and what are they made of?

Pelcraft modules are made from EVA foam, it is a splendid material to make several products from within several industries. This material’s itself is eco-friendly, super light-weight, durable, shock and sound absorbing. Therefore, this material is giving the character of handy, flexible and more functional to our product.


Do Pelcraft modules stick to all wall surfaces?


Providing your wall is smooth, flat and correctly prepared they will stick to your wall. They are best stuck to plaster walls, glass, mirrors, tiles, furniture etc. If walls are too rough, such as textured walls, then the sticker may not stay applied. When applying modules to walls, please note that they will stick down best when the wall has been painted with normal matt emulsion. Some glossy / silk paints, or ‘special effect’ paints (e.g. light reflecting paints) can be more difficult to apply wall stickers to because of their chemical properties.

Our modules can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other paper base products, but in these situations please note that the modules may damage the base material if you remove them.


How to apply the Pelcraft modules on wall?


Before apply the Pelcraft modules, please make sure the wall or surface to be cleaned, dried, smooth, flat and correctly prepared. To apply the modules for both removable and non-removable sticker backing, just simply stick them on the wall or surface and give pressure for each module in order to make sure the sticker perform well.


What is the use of differences between removable and non-removable sticker backing?


Removable sticker: Work best for wall, glass, mirror, smooth surface of metal, tile, plastic laminate. You can fix and remove them easily without damaging.

Non-removable sticker: If your room is having a big temperature fluctuations such as weather or air conditioning issue, that can affect the sticker’s stickability. Then we suggest you use the modules with non-removable sticker backing, this is suitable for exterior as well but they should be applied on clean and smooth surface.


Can I take my Pelcraft module and use it somewhere else?


Pelcraft modules are reusable, we encourage our customers to reuse our product especially with removable sticker backing. However, removing the modules with non-removable sticker backing can cause it to damage on wall, meaning only remove Pelcraft modules with non-removable sticker backing if your wall or surface to be revamped.