Pelcraft has won 2017 Silver Design Award in A’ Design Award & Competition (Italy)

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We have 4 types of modules with size 50*50mm and available in 57 colours. The backing with 2 types of sticker for selection.

Choose your right sticker for different situation. Please refer to the further details on FAQs “link here

  • Reusable sticker for wall, glass, mirror, smooth surface of metal, tile, plastic laminate. You can fix and remove them easily without damaging.

  • Non-reusable sticker for paint wall, stone wall (can be for exterior use)

Modules are made by EVA form, it is an eco-friendly material, super light-weight, durable, shock and sound absorbing.

Extensive use of Pelcraft modules in room can bring the noise level down, this function is particular good for any rooms that have noise concern.