We have 4 types of modules with size 50*50mm and available in 57 colours. The backing with 2 types of sticker for selection.

Choose your right sticker for different situation. Please refer to the further details on FAQs “link here

  • Reusable sticker for wall, glass, mirror, smooth surface of metal, tile, plastic laminate. You can fix and remove them easily without damaging.

  • Non-reusable sticker for paint wall, stone wall (can be for exterior use)

Modules are made by EVA form, it is an eco-friendly material, super light-weight, durable, shock and sound absorbing.

Extensive use of Pelcraft modules in room can bring the noise level down, this function is particular good for any rooms that have noise concern.


Pelcraft has won 2017 Silver Design Award in A’ Design Award & Competition (Italy)

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