While everyone is pursuing high resolution of photos, films and games in their lifestyle. On the contrary the concept of “Pelcraft” is intent to be entirely different to the trend of nowadays, it is a combination of modules that you select very much like mosaic or puzzle. As we believe abstraction of images or patterns is a kind of beauty which reserves a space for imagination.

Our objective is to let everyone design your own exclusive wall feature, you can install and remove it by themselves, the whole process is an interact activities, family or friends could gather around to design, share and install their wall feature in any space.

We designed this wall feature from complex to simple, this material itself is handy, super lightweight, safe, flexible and convenient to use.

We have 4 types of modules with size 50*50mm and available in 57 colours, the diversity of combination can be transformed and fit in different styles of space. You can make use of our 3-dimensional module types to achieve the lighting effect that you expect.

Start to create your own pieces of art through our website and it can be shared to your friends or family. During this creation process you can save your works in anytime if you create them in your own account as you might take time to complete them.

You can appreciate your personalized wall feature or artwork after putting them on the wall which can be in any place, wherever in living space, offices, restaurants, shops or educational institutions.

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